Navigating Your Ethereum Stamp: Insights and Updates

Your Ethereum stamp in the Gitcoin Passport reflects your active Ethereum involvement. This guide addresses key questions and elucidates the stamp's updated mechanism.

1. What is the Ethereum Stamp?

The Ethereum stamp is not just a badge of participation but a nuanced indicator of genuine activity on Ethereum's mainnet (Layer 1). If you did not receive points, it doesn't imply you're seen as a Sybil entity. Rather, it means the model requires more robust activity data to confidently assign points under the new system.

2. The Evolution of the Stamp

We've refined the stamp to more accurately reflect the vibrant dynamism of Ethereum activities. While the previous version had merits, the updated stamp embraces a broader spectrum of engagements, ensuring a more inclusive and comprehensive representation of community involvement.

3. Transparency and Point Allocation

The specifics of the model's criteria are kept under wraps to maintain the integrity of the stamp and prevent gaming the system. Rest assured, the model is designed to reward authentic, varied, and consistent participation on the network.

4. The 90-Day Validity Period

The 90-day renewal cycle ensures that the stamp remains a current and accurate portrayal of your latest activities. This regular update aligns with the fast-paced evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem and allows for adjustments that reflect your most recent contributions.

5. Addressing Your Stamp Concerns

If your Ethereum stamp doesn't seem to reflect your activity accurately, or if you have questions about its assessment, we encourage you to initiate a conversation with us through this dedicated form. While we can't promise specific outcomes, we are committed to understanding your perspective and providing clarity on your stamp status. We value open dialogue and are here to ensure your contributions are recognized appropriately.

6. Deciphering Stamp Levels

The Ethereum stamp is divided into two main sections:

  1. Engagement Milestones: This categorizes users into tiered levels such as:

    • ETH Enthusiast: Showcases initial engagement and support for the Ethereum ecosystem.

    • ETH Advocate: Represents a higher level of commitment and activity

    • ETH Maxi: Denotes exceptional involvement and dedication.

  2. Your Ethereum Activity Metrics:

    • Spend more than 0.25 ETH on gas: Highlights significant financial engagement with the network.

    • Execute over 100 transactions: Indicates a robust level of transactional activity.

    • Active on over 50 distinct days: Showcases sustained interaction with Ethereum.

7. How the Ethereum Stamp Operates

The stamp is powered by a Gitcoin Passport-specific binary classification model, trained on a dataset of known Ethereum addresses with established Sybil and human activity patterns, utilizing over 55 different activity features.


Your Ethereum stamp dynamically evolves with your activity, serving as a credible beacon of your Ethereum involvement. It's a testament to your contributions and a guidepost for new ventures on the blockchain.

Need Help?

For more details or assistance with your Ethereum stamp, please reach out to our support team. We're here to help you navigate your journey on the Ethereum mainnet.

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