Initiating GTC Staking with your network

This page includes template messages you can email or text a friend who you want to stake on and/or stake on you:


Subject: Let's Boost Our Web3 Reputations with GTC Staking 🌟

Hey [Friend's Name],

Hope you're well! I recently stumbled upon a great way to enhance our web3 reputationsβ€”GTC Staking via Gitcoin Passport.

The idea is simple: we stake GTC tokens on each other's identities, boosting our Unique Humanity Scores on Gitcoin. This not only elevates our web3 standing but also helps Gitcoin in anti-fraud measures.

For more details on how this works and what credentials we can earn, check out this support documentation.

I plan to stake some GTC on your identity and would be thrilled if you'd consider reciprocating. This mutual action allows us both to earn new credentials and enhances our reputations.

πŸš€ Interested? If you're up for it, please share the Ethereum address associated with your Gitcoin Passport so we can get started.

Best, [Your Name]

TEXT MESSAGE (Discord, Telegram, etc)

Hey [Friend's Name],

Hope you're good! I found a cool way to boost our web3 repβ€”GTC Staking on Gitcoin Passport.

We stake GTC on each other, boosting our Gitcoin scores. Plus, it helps with anti-fraud.

You can learn more about it here: [Support Doc Link].

I'm planning to stake some GTC on you. Would you be interested in reciprocating? If yes, please share with me the Ethereum address linked to your Gitcoin Passport.


[Your Name]

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