Guide to Unstaking Staked GTC Tokens via Etherscan with WalletConnect

This guide is for Gitcoin Passport users who wish to unstake GTC that they have staked on themselves or others, using WalletConnect to interact with the smart contract directly through Etherscan.


  • An Ethereum wallet (with WalletConnect compatibility) that holds staked GTC tokens.

  • Sufficient ETH balance to cover transaction fees.

  • Familiarity with Etherscan and using WalletConnect.

Step-by-Step Unstaking Process

1. Visit Gitcoin Passport Staking App

Navigate to and identify the round from which you want to unstake tokens.

2. Find Contract Address at the Bottom of the Page

Locate the "Identity Staking Contract" link that leads to the Etherscan page for the contract associated with your staking round.

3. Connect to Etherscan

Click on the contract link, which will redirect you to the contract's page on Etherscan.

4. Interact with the Contract via WalletConnect

In the "Write Contract" tab on Etherscan, connect your Ethereum wallet using WalletConnect.

5. Choose the Correct Function

  • Use unstake if you're unstaking tokens you've staked on yourself.

  • Use unstakeUsers if you're unstaking tokens you've staked on other users.

6. Input Required Information

  • For unstake: Enter the roundId and the amount you wish to unstake in uint256 format.

  • For unstakeUsers: Enter the roundId and the addresses for whom you've staked tokens.

7. Execute the Transaction

Enter the details, click "Write", and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

8. Confirm the Transaction

Monitor the status of your transaction on Etherscan with the transaction hash provided.

Appendix: Round ID Overview


Round ID

Season 21


Season 20


Season 19


Season 18


Beta Round


Alpha Round



If you require further assistance or have any issues, please contact Gitcoin support.