What is Passport?

An introduction to Passport—your Sybil resistant passport to Web3.

Passport is an identity verification aggregator application. We have written software enabling people to grow personal ledgers of verifiable credentials about themselves and organizations to assess their identities to coordinate rights and responsibilities. Users collect “Stamps” from different authenticators around web2 and web3, such as Holonym (KYC), Civic (Biometrics), Google and LinkedIn (Web2), Guild and Snapshot (web3), and specific models that score a wallet based on web3 transaction history.

Passport is privacy preserving. When users connect different Stamps to their Passport, a verifiable credential is created that proves that the specific activity has been performed by the user, but none of the personally identifiable information is collected. This is critical to user privacy, ensuring that no one will dox themselves by proving their humanity with Passport.

While we are building Passport agnostic to specific applications, we are actively exploring its benefits for personhood proofs and plurality in organizational designs.

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