Using Passport with Partners

As a Web3 Citizen, Passport gives you access to more trustworthy digital experiences.

Connecting your Passport to an app couldn't be easier. If an application uses Gitcoin Passport it will display a "Connect" or "Sign in with Ethereum" button.

Clicking the button will open a prompt to connect using your Ethereum wallet. Choose your wallet, check and sign the message that appears, and the app takes care of everything else.

Behind the scenes, the app will send a request to the Gitcoin Passport API to retrieve your Passport score. As a user, you will simply see the content available to you based on your Passport score.

Be sure to sign in using the same Ethereum address that you used to create your Passport!

If you can't access content because your Passport score is too low, go back to the Passport app and verify more Stamps!

See the concept in action in this introductory video:

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