Understanding Your Eligibility for the Gitcoin Grants Stamp on Gitcoin Passport

This article delineates the eligibility criteria that our automated system employs to determine if a user qualifies for this stamp.

The Gitcoin Passport is a pivotal component of the Gitcoin ecosystem, which substantiates your contributions and participation. One of the key features of the Gitcoin Passport is the Gitcoin Grants stamp, a recognition of your valuable donations during the Gitcoin Grants rounds.

Eligibility Criteria for the Gitcoin Grants Stamp

To ensure you are fully informed and assisted in your quest to earn the Gitcoin Grants stamp, it is important to meticulously understand and meet the following criteria:

  • Verified Donation: Your contribution must be made from a wallet that has been verified and linked to your Gitcoin Passport, confirming the legitimacy of your donation.

  • Minimum Donation Amount: A minimum contribution of $1 is required. This benchmark ensures that all donations are substantial and impactful.

  • Account Integrity: It is imperative that your donating wallet has not been flagged for any suspicious or fraudulent activities. Maintaining a trusted environment for transactions is a top priority for us.

  • Passport Score Requirement: Your Gitcoin Passport must showcase a score that meets or surpasses the stipulated threshold by Gitcoin Grants at the time of your contribution, reflecting your active and positive participation in the community.

Clarifying the Nature of Eligible Gitcoin Grants Rounds:

A qualifying Gitcoin Grants round is an official fundraising event led by Gitcoin, where community contributions are pooled and matched to bolster the curated projects. Please note that while there may be other donation programs or rounds facilitated by various communities using the Gitcoin Grants platform, only those officially funded and conducted by Gitcoin qualify for the Gitcoin Grants stamp.

Your donations during these official Gitcoin-funded rounds are what will count towards the stamp issuance. We recognize the importance of your contributions and are here to guide you through the process of obtaining recognition for your support. Should you have any uncertainties or require further clarification on the eligibility criteria, our support team is readily available to assist you.

Process for Reclaiming Stamps

  1. Donation: Contribute to grants of your choice during a Gitcoin Grants round.

  2. Claiming: After donating, you must manually claim your Gitcoin Grants stamp in your Gitcoin Passport.

  3. Verification: The automated system will then verify your donation against the eligibility criteria.

  4. Stamp Issuance: If your donation satisfies all criteria, the stamp will be awarded. Otherwise, the claim will be denied

User Support and Inquiries

If you encounter issues in receiving your stamp, please adhere to the following steps:

  • Verification: Cross-check your donation amount and wallet activity with the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

  • FAQ and Support: Refer to our FAQ section for common questions or reach out to our support team for further assistance.

FAQ for Gitcoin Grants Stamp

Why haven't I received my stamp?

Confirm that your donation was $1 or more, made during a Gitcoin Grants round, and that your wallet is not flagged.

What if my donation meets all the criteria, but I still haven't received my stamp?

Reassess the criteria to ensure no detail was missed. If all conditions were met, contact support with specific details of your contribution.

How long will it take to receive the Gitcoin Grants stamp after a round ends?

After a Gitcoin Grants round concludes, please allow up to four weeks for the automated verification process and the issuance of the Gitcoin Grants stamp. This timeframe accounts for the necessary post-round analysis to validate all contributions and ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria.